A wild slim alien

Super 8 stories

Super 8 films shot by my mother and father between 1968 and 1974. I am combining each film with a short piece of prose, which may turn out to be memoir, or a wander away from the moving images, depending. You can see all the films on my YouTube channel.

Super 8 stories, super 8 dreams (introduction)

Super 8 stories – film 1 – The Caped Crusaders
Super 8 stories – film 2 – Swinging sixties
Super 8 stories – film 5 – Beach barbell
Super 8 stories – film 9 – Red sports car
Super 8 stories – film 10 – A christening
Super 8 stories – film 11 – The south of France
Super 8 stories – film 14 – 003 and a half
Super 8 stories – film 23 – Christmas 1971


2 thoughts on “Super 8 stories

  1. This is so cool! My parents still have some black-and-white Super 8 reels that I remember watching in slack-jawed fascination as a kid. There’s a certain romanticism behind the graininess and silence, isn’t there?

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