A wild slim alien

Missing letters

A series of 26 predominantly fictional lipograms (plus an extra one for U). I am currently reworking these early versions of the stories for publication.

The comical hotch-potch, or the alphabet turn’d posture-master: on writing lipograms (an afterword to Missing letters)

Indefinite [a]
I [b]
Blue [c]
The river [d]
XTC [e]
CK & U [F]
The Lovin’ Spoonful [g]
Wore [h]
Out of body [i]
Birds [j]
Potassium [K]
A season in [L]
[M]issing letter
Letterpress [n] – published by The Half Pint Press in 2017, and available here.
Scarlet [o]
Doe [p]
The Cupola House [q]
We [r]
Plural [s]
Char [t]
The reader [u] and The horseshoe [u]
Wings [v]
[w] and a memory of childhood
Marks the spot [x]
Wherefore? [y]
Sleeping [z]

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