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Plural [s]

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Child-free and open at an age where any other couple might be beginning to think of rambling or crown green bowling, Yvonne and Xander had an entirely different notion of how they might play out the time left to them. Pipe and mule people they were not.

Initially they had no conception of how pre-geriatric polyamory would work for them in practice. But they were two of a kind and determined to give it a try, come what may. Each knew that they would have to contend not only with the lottery of erectile malfunction or penduluming mood but additionally with a certain green feeling, particularly when they watched rather than participated, or knew that in a different place entirely, another woman or man would at that very moment be unbuttoning or unzipping that which monogamy would have apportioned to them alone.

But they built their experiment upon the rock of long knowledge of each other. They took their time, the initial foray being a gentle doubling with a more experienced couple. A moment of nervy terror came and went and the both of them free-fell into the air of an erotic dream come to life. And when they left the hotel room, they clung to each other in their euphoria – they had actually done it! – and in their relief that through the act of erotic adventuring they had not unhooked their coupling; rather they had tightened the bond between them.

A connection forged deep in the mind like the one between Xander and Yvonne could never be lightly overturned. The danger would be were they to meet a character who had the power to reduce one or other of them to a plaything, who had the ability to manipulate, to divide, or more nobly to elicit a longing and a love beyond that which the two of them felt for each other. But though they were both quick to want, Yvonne had initially been halting in her affection for Xander, who therefore believed that Yvonne would not likely fall hard for anyone – while in turn Yvonne could not imagine Xander ever needing to look beyond what he had with her. Excepting the multiplicity that a greedy imagination conjured.

Well, they had it. They had it all for real, and indeed, many a time it gave them joy in the moment and in recollection. Each made a friend or two whom they could count upon beyond the excitation of the bedroom. But ultimately the poly love-making could not compete with wild imagination, with the unrivalled potential of the mind to bring into being what in real life would hardly be reproducible. And had you enquired, one or the other might have added that plurality brought with it a forfeiture of the control each prized in relation to the other. One focal point of emotional and erotic engagement had about it enough complexity to keep them active and humming for the remainder of life.

After a year of exploration, they decided to retract the horn each had, and employ it only upon each other in infinite variation. Now and again they harked back, but fundamentally they were happy with the plurality each had within them, and they never again looked beyond what an XX and a XY could together concoct.


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